The Experience


Pre-Session Meeting

After we have a chat on the phone we will get together for a complimentary pre-session meeting at your earliest convenience. This meeting should take about 45 minutes and will provide us with the opportunity to discuss your intimate photography session and to go over what style of photographs you would like to create. We will also cover posing, your wardrobe, and the hair style and makeup. Topics also discussed will be lighting and backgrounds. Do you prefer natural lighting or studio Playboy glamour lighting, high key on white background or low key on black background or a combination of the various lighting styles? Sets with old chairs, bedroom settings and you can decide what will please you.

This meeting provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about your session and we can schedule the best time for your photography session and also for a time for you to return to view your photographs in our viewing room on our large screen.

This pre-session planning lays the ground work to ensuring that you will be really excited about your boudoir photography session.

At the Studio

On the big day when you attend the studio, this is where the real fun begins.You will be treated to a complete makeover by our professional stylist. You will be transformed into a beautiful vixen where you will not only feel good but also look so “Smoking Hot”. This transformation can take between 1-1.5 hrs. Then lights, camera, and action!

Photography Session

I will spend about 15 minutes showing you [this can be rather funny] and describing to you how to pose from your toes to your nose. But fear not as I will walk you through the posing every step of the way. You will be tried of me saying chin, shoulders, hands by the time we have completed the shoot.

The lighting will have been discussed earlier but the lighting styles are not set in stone as we can move from natural light to studio lighting at anytime. Now the flirtatious expressions, compromising situations abound as we move through the poses and wardrobe changes. We will create some classic poses and a variety poses or just see where the photo session takes us.

I will provide you with your very own hot, yet classy, sexy and intriguing photographs that visualizes your beauty not only on the outside but also from within.

My passion is to make your photography session both relaxing and fun which in turn will make you look terrific in your photographs. My focus, no pun intended, is to capture your unique qualities and personality in your photographs. I want your photo shoot experience to be so positive that you will tell all your girlfriends about the great time you had and rave about all the wonderful photographs that were taken.

After The Session

Now I know you will be so excited to see your photographs that I will ask you back to the studio for your viewing within the week of the photography session. You will be able to view your beautiful photographs on the large screen so you can pick your favorite photographs for your coffee table book, folio or wall prints. These photographs that you have chosen will be airbrushed to your absolute satisfaction as these will be photographs that you will cherish forever. Our wall prints begin at $125. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Boudoir Photography by Brass Edge

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